What is the Baseballism Discord?

What is the Baseballism Discord?

What is Discord?

Discord is an app where communities of all kinds can gather and communicate amongst themselves via organized text chat channels. Think of it as a live Facebook Group Page where people are always interacting. The Baseballism Discord features channels specific to MLB Fans, Amateur Baseball Fans, Baseball Moms, Sports Card Collectors and more!

How Can I win Baseball Prizes?

Each Tuesday the Baseballism Discord Admin will ask discord members trivia questions in which they can win Baseballism and other baseball related prizes! Be the first to correctly and you'll win. Baseballism will also be organizing ongoing contests for prizes.

Why should I join the Baseballism Discord? 

We believe the baseball community is one of the greatest communities on earth, and the Baseballism Discord allows us to bring all baseball people together in one central digital location. You'll be able to chat with people who live the baseball lifestyle just like you while winning prizes and participating in fun online baseball events.

What does Baseballism have planned for Discord?

Some of the current and upcoming Baseballism Discord features are:

- Baseball trivia for prizes (Trivia Tuesdays)

- The first Baseballism NFT release news

- Live chats with MLB players and baseball experts

- Chat rooms to discuss baseball related topics with peers

- Baseball contests

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