This is Beautiful

This is Beautiful

(Title photo submitted by the Downey Vikings)

People say baseball is boring, but so is the ocean until it is understood what is going on below the surface of the water. - Baseballism

Whether it be opinion or ignorance Baseballism wanted to show those less passionate about baseball why we feel what we feel, and why we love what we love. We reached out to you, our baseball family to help us explain why this game means so much to so many. These are the pictures that escape the eyes of those who don't go to the ballpark on sunny days and witness the little things, the stunning view, the heart and the emotion happening on a daily basis. This is our argument, and we think it's beautiful.

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(Photo submitted by Konnor Smart)

(Photo submitted by Kacey Reasor)

(Photo submitted by Megan Nelson)

(Photo Submitted by Susan Mock)

(Photo submitted by Melissa Moreno Hackett)