The Legend of the Flag Man Statue

The Legend of the Flag Man Statue

Built in 2017, the Flag Man statue stands over eight feet tall and is proportional to the Great Bambino himself. Weighing just over a ton, the statue was sculpted by hand in Portland, Oregon and then transported by truck to Atlanta, Georgia.

The statue was created in collaboration with the Babe Ruth Estate and was made with the blessing of all family members.

In its first day in Baseballism Atlanta a young ballplayer stepped into the store before the beginning of his youth baseball tournament and touched the statue. Later on that day an excited mother called Baseballism Atlanta and spoke to its manager with the following story:

"My son who has never hit a home run in his life hit three today! He said it had to be because he touched Babe's statue! I just wanted to share the story with y'all."

Many inexplicable occurrences have happened since; including the Atlanta Braves making the playoffs for the first time in five years in the Flag Man Statue's first full year standing next to SunTrust Park. Another story was told by a customer who touched the statue and caught his first home run ball.

As the legend of the Flag Man Statue has spread, baseball people from all over the world have visited Baseballism Atlanta to touch the Flag Man Statue.