How a Youth Baseball Camp Tee Kickstarted America's Brand

How a Youth Baseball Camp Tee Kickstarted America's Brand

In the summer of 2006, four college baseball teammates decided to start their own youth baseball camp to develop the baseball culture in an otherwise baseball-less community. Their camp not only provided building blocks to further the baseball careers of their youth campers, but also focused on teaching players the lessons learned in baseball that could be applied in everyday life.

As with most baseball camps, the registration fee for the camp came with a free camp tee shirt. The Baseballism Camp Shirt featured a simple design with a baseball bat instead of an 'I'. 

Original Baseballism Camp Tee from 2006

Campers loved the shirt and although the design was rough, the name of the camp and simplicity of the design created conversation.

In 2008, the teammates disbanded the camp to start their professional careers, but each still wore their original Baseballism Camp Tee from time to time; whenever the tee was worn it garnered the attention of anyone who loved the game. The teammates who still kept in touch realized the reaction to the shirt was no coincidence and a test run of tees was made to sell at a local baseball academy. The first run of 48 Baseballism Apparel tees sold out in a week.

It was in 2012 when the teammates decided to reunite and launch Baseballism as a premium apparel brand presenting the values of the original youth baseball camp in a different light through fashion instead of field. Although the original camp tee design has been refined the heart of the Baseballism Camp remains present in every garment, quote, store and Baseballism Employee. Click to Purchase the Baseballism Classic Tee 

Baseballism Camp 2006