Softballism Collection Launch Preview

Softballism Collection Launch Preview
Softball Fam, Your Voice has been Heard

We heard you Softball Community. This Saturday Baseballism will release its first women's fast pitch Softballism collection complete with a new Softballism Star Girl logo and custom lifestyle garments including tees, hoodies and sweatpants. The Baseballism website will also be home to a Softballism Collection to be updated with future softball specific releases. Sneak peeks below.

Release Details

Online Release: 12pm EST, Saturday, 6.22.24
In-Store Release: Saturday, 6.22.24 at all Baseballism Retail Stores at Open

Star Girl Logo

Softballism products will feature the new Star Girl logo which features an action that is unique to the softball field. The twelve stars around the Star Girl represent powerful motion, country, perfection and order.

Sneak Peeks

The initial launch will feature a relaxed fit hoodie, comfort sweatpants, shallow crown cap and diamond visor.