Operation Play Catch 2023: Free Baseballs with Any Purchase

Operation Play Catch 2023: Free Baseballs with Any Purchase
2023's Operation Play Catch features two brand new product releases. Sneak peeks below.

Spreading a Love for the Game through Operation Play Catch

Operation Play Catch is Baseballism's annual initiative to give back to the game of baseball through providing free baseballs to underprivileged youth. Purchases made by customers on Saturday, October 7th will receive a free baseball and trigger Baseballism to donate a baseball to a youth program in need. Get a ball. Give a ball. Spread a love for the game.

When and where does Operation Play Catch take place?

When: Saturday, October 7th, 2023

Where: Baseballism Online and in all Baseballism retail stores.

How do I get and give a free baseball?

There is no minimum purchase to get a free baseball. Once you put an item into your cart, a pop-up will appear to receive a free baseball and give one away. There is no minimum purchase. Simply checkout to receive your free baseball.

Can I give two baseballs away?

Yes! For those who would like to donate both baseballs to youth programs in need simply select give two baseballs once your pop-up appears. If you're purchasing in-store simply let your local Baseballism employee know you'd like to donate two baseballs.

What kind of baseball is it?

The Operation Play Catch baseball is a high quality, standard size and weight, genuine leather baseball. We suggest using it for practice, but please use your league official baseball for games. 

Operation Play Catch Special Releases: Run At Your Own Risk 2.0 tee and cap.

A brand new version of a Baseballism classic pays homage to those with cannons for arms. Run At Your Own Risk 2.0 is available in a tee, cap, and a tee/cap kit, and goes live this Saturday at the start of Operation Play Catch.