Fundraiser February Tips & Tricks

Fundraiser February Tips & Tricks

Congratulations! Your team/organization has been chosen to participate in Baseballism's Fundraiser February. This is Baseballism's way of supporting the community we love. To aid you on your fundraising journey, here are six tips and tricks that will help you maximize your fundraising efforts.

1. Communicate Clearly to Your Audience

Your audience is getting a private discount code unique only to your team or organization. Reference this link to find your discount code. Each discount code gets the customer 20% off. After the coupon code is used, 20% of the total goes to your program. 20% off, 20% donated. Make sure the consumer understands that they are not only helping your program, they are also receiving a special discount not available to the public. Baseballism sales don't happen often!

2. Use Your Personal and Program's Social Media

The easiest way to reach a large audience is to share a post or story on social media. Make sure to post your specific coupon code and a link to to make it easier for the shopper. Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter and Meta are all great places to share your code.

3. Your Friends/Family are Receiving Quality

This isn't your typical fundraiser. Baseballism makes premium apparel inspired by the game we all love. We have products for men and women of all ages including glove leather handbags, MLB apparel, USA Baseball apparel and more. Baseballism provides excellent customer service and free exchanges should your shopper want to swap anything out. 

4. Set Goals!

If you want to raise a certain amount. Do the math and set goals for your team. Example:

- Each time $100 (before discount) is spent at your team team receives $17 (15% off of $100 is $85, 20% of $85 is $17)

- That means if your team wants to raise $1000 for equipment and tournament fees, your team will need to find 59 people to purchase $100 worth of merchandise before a discount. 

- If your team has 12 players, to reach $1000 fundraised, each player will have to find five people to purchase $100 worth of merchandise

5. Do a Baseballism Store Takeover!

Registered teams will be allowed to 'takeover' a Baseballism store for a day to recruit customers to help in their fundraising effort. If your team is near a Baseballism retail location, contact

6. Win the Whole Darn Thing

Baseballism will be keeping track on which team is raising the most money for their team and the top ten teams will split $5000 worth of cash prizes. $2000 will go to the winning program. A daily leaderboard will be emailed and posted on 2/25!