Baseballism Rally Ribbon Initiative

Baseballism Rally Ribbon Initiative

In an effort to fight and bring attention to childhood cancer Baseballism is releasing the Rally Ribbon; a symbol of childhood cancer awareness. The Rally Ribbon represents the baseball community's effort to bring an end to childhood cancer. Scroll down to view Rally Ribbon Apparel.

The Gold Rally Ribbon Initiative

20% OF ALL CAP PURCHASES made from now until the end of September will be donated to Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation. Each cap purchased no matter the design or fit will include a Gold Rally Ribbon Pin. 20% of all pin purchases and Rally Ribbon Apparel will also be donated to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation


About the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation

The Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to secure private philanthropic support for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Oregon’s premier pediatric health center.

OHSU Doernbecher's research programs bring new treatments from the research bench to patients' bedsides, and are a large part of what makes it one of the best places for pediatric care in the region. Doernbecher scientists in the Papé Family Pediatric Research Institute are making breakthroughs in dozens of areas, offering new hope to children contending with hard-to-treat illnesses. Our team at  the OHSU Stem Cell Center is making strides in developing treatments for diseases that were – until just recently – thought to be fatal.

When you support research at Doernbecher, you give families hope. Our researchers are working in the following areas:


  • Tuberculosis

  • Global health

Childhood Cancer

  • Brain tumors

  • Leukemia

  • Sarcoma

Growth and Weight

  • Appetite loss in cancer

  • Nutrition in resource-poor countries

Brain disorders

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Autism

  • Epilepsy

Stem Cell Therapy

  • Diabetes

  • Blood diseases/anemia

  • Liver failure

Gene Therapy

  • Metabolic liver diseases

  • Hereditary brain disorders

  • Genetic blood disorders

Newborn babies

  • Helping babies have healthier lungs for life