Baseballism Fundraiser February 2024

Baseballism Fundraiser February 2024

Fundraiser February is back and better than ever in 2024! This year we're upping the amount donated to each team/league/organization with every purchase. Shoppers will receive 20% off and 20% of the purchase will go to the fundraising team. It is a competition, so teams who fundraise the most will be given cash donations to their programs (see below for prizes). Limited spots are available on a first come first serve basis.

How Does Baseballism Fundraiser February Work?

From February 15th through March 10th, teams/organizations registered will be able to utilize and promote a custom 20% discount code issued to them after registering for Fundraiser February. 20% of the revenue generated from the discount code will then be given back to the participating baseball team/organization. 20% off, 20% donated. Paybacks and summaries are expected to be made out to each program by the end of March. All baseball teams and organizations are encouraged to participate. 


Registration: January 18th through February 10th
Fundraising Begins: February 15th through March 10th


A team supporter places $100 worth of merchandise in their cart using their team's code. They receive 20% off their order, making the total $80. The team receives 20% of the $80 purchase which is $16.

Example Team Scenario
- Each player on a team has five friends purchase $100 worth of merchandise using their 20% off coupon code ($80 spent per friend)

- $16 is donated per friend by Baseballism
- $16 x 5 friends = $80 raised by one player
- Each player on the team raises $80

- $80 x 12 players on a team = $960 donated to the team

Leaderboard and Prizes

The top ten organizations that raise the most money for their program will receive an ADDITIONAL cash prize from Baseballism! The leaderboard will be updated daily and can be seen through a link at the bottom of this page.

  • 1st place will receive an additional $2000
  • 2nd place will receive an additional $1000
  • 3rd place will receive an additional $500
  • 4th-10th place will receive an additional $200 each

How to Register

Click the 'Sign Up Now' button towards the bottom of this page to register. After completion, teams/organizations accepted will be sent a unique discount code to fundraise via email. Baseballism will also supply marketing materials to registered teams.

Store Takeovers

Registered teams may utilize a Baseballism retail store for one day for their fundraiser. Teams must be present at the store advertising their fundraiser to customers. Please contact if your team is interested in a store takeover.