Baseballism Farmball Release: Transylvania Bat Boys

Baseballism Farmball Release: Transylvania Bat Boys

The Baseballism Farmball Project

The Baseballism Farmball Project is a design project creating fictional teams and collectible team apparel for towns, cities, states and places who aren't fortunate enough to have their own professional baseball team. Only one team will be made available at a time. Collect them all.

Bat Boys Apparel Release Info

When: 10am PST, Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Where: Baseballism Online Store

Free Limited Edition Giveaway: A free Bat Boys Purple Away Cap will be given away with any purchase of $40 or more while supplies last. This cap will NOT be restocked. When you have $40 or more worth of items in your cart a pop-up will appear giving you the opportunity to receive a free cap. If it does not appear it means we have sold out. Scroll down for apparel previews.

Bat Boys Black Home Cap 

Bat Boys Purple Away Cap (Limited Edition Giveaway, 200 made)

Bat Boys Tees

Bat Boys Women's Tank

How It Works

Baseballism Farmball Teams are created and posted on @baseballismfarmball instagram and select teams get their apparel made. Apparel is made available in small quantities at the Baseballism Online Store. Many releases are limited edition.

Introducing the Transylvania Bat Boys

Team: Transylvania Bat Boys
Mascot: Drac
Stadium: Drac’s Castle
The oldest baseball franchise known to mankind and supernatural beings, the Bat Boys play in a stadium made entirely out of stone. Watching a game at Drac’s Castle feels more like you’re about to watch a medieval jousting tournament than a baseball game. Creepily, the descendants of franchise ownership are buried in a mini cemetery behind the centerfield fence. Famed for its premium tower seats nine stories high behind home plate, the tower provides a unique view of the game and all of Transylvania. An interesting twist to every game is when the on deck batter rises out of the on deck coffin replacing baseball’s traditional circle. Beet juice, red wine, blood sausage dogs and steak tartare are featured on an iron heavy menu. Want to go to a day game? You’ll have to look elsewhere. Only night games are played at Drac’s Castle, and watch out for flying bats.