Baseballism Farm Ball Release: Velo City Raptors

Baseballism Farm Ball Release: Velo City Raptors

Baseballism Farm Ball is a limited series of merchandise representing fictional baseball teams for places that don't have one. All drops are limited with no restocks. To keep updated with Baseballism Farm Ball drops, follow @baseballismfarmball on Instagram.

Release Info

Team: Velo City Raptors (Righty and Lefty)
When: Saturday, 4/22, 11am EST
Where: Baseballism Online Only

In the past, limited edition items have sold out quickly. We suggest being on the website at, or close to release time to give yourself the best chance of purchasing an item. Putting an item in your cart does not reserve the item, you must check out.

Velo City Raptors Releases

- Velo City Raptors Cap (Righty)
Velo City Raptors Cap (Lefty)
- Velo City Raptors Tee (Righty)
- Velo City Raptors Tee (Lefty)

About the Velo City Raptors

Team: Velo City Raptors
Mascot: Short Arm the Raptor
Stadium: Prehistoric Park

The tropical Velatiki Islands (Velo City in English) in the South Pacific play host to the eldest team in the Baseballism Farm Ball League, the Velo City Raptors. The islands do not have an airport so all fans are brought in via helicopter for an amazing tour/ballgame experience. An active volcano lays just a mile beyond the centerfield fence, and legend has it that it erupts each time the Raptors win a Farm Ball title. Carved out of a rainforest, Prehistoric Park's main entrance is marked by a 20-foot tall fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Since there are no food concessions in the stadium, fans can merely wander outside for fresh bananas, mangos, avocados and other exotic fruit for a free culinary experience. Bring your machete and your ball glove to every Raptors home game.