Baseballism Farm Ball Release: Sprinkletown Donuts

Baseballism Farm Ball Release: Sprinkletown Donuts

Baseballism Farm Ball is a limited series of merchandise representing fictional baseball teams for places that don't have one. All drops are limited with no restocks. To keep updated with Baseballism Farm Ball drops, follow @baseballismfarmball on Instagram.

Release Info

Team: Sprinkletown Donuts
When: Saturday, 8/19, 11am EST
Where: Baseballism Online Only

In the past, limited edition items have sold out quickly. We suggest being on the website at, or close to release time to give yourself the best chance of purchasing an item. Putting an item in your cart does not reserve the item, you must check out.

Sprinkletown Donuts Releases (sneak peeks below)

- Sprinkletown Donuts Cap
- Sprinkletown Donuts Tee
- Sprinkletown Donuts Tee and Cap Bundle

About the Sprinkletown Donuts

Team: Sprinkletown Donuts
Mascot: Mike the Maple Bar
Stadium: Baker’s Dozen Stadium

With their all turf field covered with sprinkles instead of rubber pellets, every dive is a sugary rainbow. Each time the home team pitcher gets through a scoreless inning a large glazed donut is placed on the visiting team’s portion of the scoreboard while fans cheer. During the seventh inning stretch donut holes are thrown into the crowd for free by concession workers which fans must try to catch using only their mouths. Want season tickets? You’ll have to go to the Sprinkletown local bakery.