Baseballism Farm Ball Release: Bamboo Forest Pandas

Baseballism Farm Ball Release: Bamboo Forest Pandas


The Bamboo Forest Pandas will make their Baseballism Farm Ball apparel debut with two branded tees and two different caps. One cap can only be received for free with a purchase of $40 or more while supplies last. Learn more about the pandas below.


Saturday, June 12th, at 12pm EST

A free Pandas alternate cap will be given away with purchases of $40+ while supplies last. Baseballism recommends customers seeking a free cap to shop as early as possible. You must checkout to reserve your cap; having the cap in your cart does not reserve it. Fitted sizes extremely limited.


Baseballism Online Only

Apparel Available

Pandas Home Cap - Black

Pandas Alternate Cap - Limited Edition Blue (Free with $40 Purchase)

Pandas Home Tee - Black

Pandas Alternate Tee - Blue

The Bamboo Forest Pandas

Mascot: Bao the Panda
Stadium: Shangri-La Field
Legend has it that the mystical Bamboo Forest Pandas play one game a year in a place called Shangri-La Field; a field that floats above the clouds in an undisclosed location above a Bamboo Forest. No fans are allowed at games and only opposing players have witnessed a game in person. Players on the Pandas’ roster are said to have been trained since birth to play baseball and defend the honor of the forest and the field. When a Panda player retires, a new child is chosen to begin training. It is said witnessing the Pandas turn a double play is so beautiful it has brought grown men and women to tears. Playing a game against the Pandas is the greatest honor in all of baseball and only players who truly love the game are chosen to make the journey to the Bamboo Forest and ascend to Shangrila-La field. Every time you find a ball laying in the grass ask yourself this: Is it a ball your team forgot to pick up from last practice, or is it a foul ball that was hit from Shangri-La field that fell from the heavens.