Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFT Membership

Baseballism Clutch Cap Club  NFT Membership

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The Coolest Club in Baseball

The Baseballism Clutch Cap Club is a members only club in which members receive exclusive Baseballism benefits. To obtain a membership (Link Below), you must have a digital wallet and purchase a BCCC NFT on the OpenSea Market Place. Members receive the following benefits:

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How do I get my member benefits?

All member benefits and questions are communicated through the Baseballism Discord, an online chatroom for BCCC members and Baseballism fans. Click the link below to join the best place to talk baseball on the web.

What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

An NFT is a unique digital asset that can be exchanged and possessed over a blockchain (a secure place where digital transactions are made). It can change hands the same way you wire money. For example, once money is wired from your account to another, the money transferred no longer exists in your account and exists in another account. The same is for NFT's. They can change hands just like wired money and a unique NFT can only be in one person's digital wallet at a time. In this case, your NFT is a proof of membership to the BCCC Club.

What is a Baseballism Clutch Cap Club (BCCC) NFT?

The Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFT is your digital proof of membership to the Baseballism Clutch Cap Club. Only those who possess a BCCC NFT are members of the BCCC and receive member benefits. You can gift or sell your membership whenever you choose, but if you no longer have a BCCC NFT in your digital wallet, your member benefits (utilities) are lost.



I don't have a Digital Wallet or Wallet Address. How do I get one?

1. Download the MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet app on your phone or computer.

2. Follow the Meta Mask Wallet or Coinbase Wallet tutorial below:


Coinbase Wallet

3. Once you have a digital wallet you can add funds to your wallet via debit card or bank transfer.