Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFT Project

Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFT Project

View Members Only Clutch Cap Club Cap below. NFT comes with physical Members Only Flag Man Cap.

Big time players, make big time plays, in big time situations. Be clutch.

Release Information

Public Sale: Saturday, May 28th, 12pm EST

Quantity: 320 Unique Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFTs will be released. Each initial NFT purchase comes with a physical limited edition cap. Only 320 caps produced, one for each Clutch Cap Club NFT.

Max Purchase: 2 per customer

Price (Including Gas Fee*): $160-$220, Baseballism will determine final price based on gas fees. Baseballism accepts both USD and ETH.
*A gas fee is a transaction fee to place or transfer an NFT on the blockchain.

What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

An NFT is a unique digital asset that can be exchanged and possessed over a blockchain (a secure place where digital transactions are made). It can change hands the same way you wire money. For example, once money is wired from your account to another, the money transferred no longer exists in your account and exists in another account. The same is for NFT's. They can change hands just like wired money and a unique NFT can only be in one person's digital wallet at a time.

What is a Baseballism Clutch Cap Club (BCCC) NFT?

The Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFT is a digital membership to the Baseballism Clutch Cap Club. Only those who possess a BCCC NFT are members of the BCCC and receive member benefits. You can gift or sell your membership whenever you choose, but if you no longer have a BCCC NFT in your digital wallet, your member benefits (utilities) are lost.

Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFT Features & Utilities 

- Only 320 Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFTs will be minted.

- The first time purchasers of the BCCC will receive a limited edition BCCC Cap.

- Baseballism Clutch Cap Club NFTs are unique pieces of artwork varying in characteristics. All are unique, but some have more rare traits than others.

- Access to the BCCC Discord Channel, a place where members can receive updates, converse and share ideas.

- Each year, Baseballism will create a unique item that will only be available to BCCC members for purchase.

- BCCC members will receive airdrops or have first access to future Baseballism NFT Projects.

- BCCC members will have access to an annual Baseballism private BCCC sale in which members can purchase items at a significant discount.

- BCCC members will receive 15% off all in-store purchases at any Baseballism retail location. Must show proof of NFT ownership.

How do I purchase a BCCC NFT

- BCCC NFTs will be listed on the Baseballism Online Store like any other product. You can purchase the NFT and matching cap with USD and do not need crypto currency. We did this to make it easy for beginners to purchase a BCCC NFT.

- The price listed on our online store will include gas fees. Customers will be not charged an additional gas fee (transaction fee) for their NFT.

- When you purchase your BCCC NFT, make sure the email used to make the purchase is valid. Baseballism will email you to request your Meta Wallet Address.

- Once we receive your Meta Wallet Address, we will airdrop your NFT. Your NFT will be revealed in your wallet, you will not get to choose which one you receive.

- Please give us 3 business days to airdrop your NFT once you send us your wallet via email

I don't have a Digital Wallet or Wallet Address. How do I get one?

1. Download the MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet app on your phone or computer.

2. Follow the Meta Mask Wallet or Coinbase Wallet tutorial below:


Coinbase Wallet

3. Once you have a wallet, find your wallet address. This is the address you send to Baseballism once we email you for your wallet address. MAKE SURE the wallet address sent is for Ethereum. We will be sending your NFT over the Ethereum ERC-20 Blockchain.