A Leather Backpack With a Story: The Natalie Glove Leather Backpack

A Leather Backpack With a Story: The Natalie Glove Leather Backpack

Baseballism's social media team was able to catch up with Baseballism CEO, Travis Chock and Creative Director, Ryan Wantland to ask some questions about the Natalie Glove Leather Backpack releasing tomorrow.

Q: Why does Baseballism use glove leather in all its leather accessories?

TC: Baseballism uses glove leather in its products because first and foremost we are a baseball brand and it wouldn't make sense for us to use any other type of leather. Baseball is who we are and glove leather tells our story. We also want customers to relive the experience of breaking in their glove leather piece just as they would a new baseball glove. It takes them back to their childhood and connects them to the game.

Q: What are some of the features of the Natalie Leather Backpack?

Travis: The backpack is a blend of the old and the new. It is made of distressed infield brown glove leather and has vintage brass hardware. The interior is a surprise with a metallic gold print on black canvas and an abundance of pockets.  We added a subtle baseball touch with glove laces hanging from each zipper. I think baseball women will truly enjoy this bag and will be asked about it each time they go to the ballpark.

Natalie Glove Leather Backpack

Question: How does Baseballism separate its leather accessories from other brands besides using glove leather?

RW: Similar to with our apparel, we always design our glove leather accessories with the baseball person in mind. We always look at ways to add details to our products that baseball people will identify with and appreciate. Whether it's the way an entire piece is cut and sewn, or maybe just a location and functionality of a particular pocket, our design choices are always 100% rooted in the game.

Question: What makes Baseballism Handbags unique?

RW: Beyond our very conscious use of materials, our attention to detail is what really makes our handbags unique. We're very diligent about adding subtle applications, both aesthetically and functionally, that improve the overall experience our customers have with our bags. Some of these details might be discovered the first time someone interacts with one of our bags, while others might come to light after the piece has been used for a while.

Question: Is there anything you'd like customers know who are thinking about purchasing the backpack?

TC: I think what's important to know about not only the Natalie Backpack, but all Baseballism's glove leather items is that you are truly getting a quality designer piece that will last you a very long time. We want all our customers to be happy with their investment in Baseballism glove leather products. That's why we offer free returns and a two year warranty.

The Baseballism Natalie Glove Leather Backpack releases tomorrow 9/27/17.