Introducing Baseballism Sacrifice

Beginning on February 1st Baseballism shoppers will have the opportunity to have 10% of their total purchase (excluding shipping) donated to a team/league/organization of their choice listed under Baseballism Sacrifice.


Here's how it's done:


1. Shop Baseballism as normal and place the items you want to purchase in your cart.

2. Place one team/league/organization in your cart to indicate who you would like 10% of your total purchase amount to go to.

3. Check out as normal and receive your merchandise.

4. Baseballism will keep track of the amount of money each team/league/organization accumulates.

5. Upon the request of the registered team/league/organization Baseballism will write a check.


How your team, league, or organization can become part of Baseballism Sacrifice free of charge:


1. email and introduce your entity to us.

2. Baseballism will review your request and if approved will send you a Baseballism Sacrifice Registration Form.

3. Fill out your registration form along with a high resolution graphic of your entity's logo.

4. Collect money from those who choose to donate 10% of their purchase to your entity.

5.  Baseballism will bring exposure to your cause.


*Baseballism will occasionally increase the donation percentage for periods of time