The Story Behind the Flag Man

As you may know, Baseballism once was a youth baseball camp run by four former college teammates who wanted to give back to the community and teach the game the right way. As Baseballism transitioned into a premium apparel brand in 2012 we wanted to create a logo symbolizing the game we cared so much about and expressed our core values of country, class, honor and tradition. After many trials and tribulations we came up with the 'Flag Man', art of the iconic swing of Babe Ruth with a flag instead of a baseball bat.

The Flag

The flag represents the pride we have in America's greatest pastime. It represents strength, patriotism, history and the unspoken bond we as baseball people have with one another through our love of the game.

The Head Position

The Flag Man's head is up to represent hope and looks to a positive future for our game. It is important that those who love our game teach others growing up with baseball how to appreciate and respect it.

The '38'

We have had many questions on why there is a '38' on the left sock leg of the Flag Man. The '38' represents a fallen friend and teammate whom the founders of Baseballism played with in college. Although he is no longer with us, he is not forgotten and the '38' helps motivate our company to strive for excellence each and everyday.