What is Operation Level the Playing Field?

Baseballism, in order to spread and improve our game is sponsoring a baseball/softball player each month for two private lessons in a Baseball/Softball Academy in their area.

Who can apply?

Our ideal candidate is a player who otherwise could not afford the chance to receive one on one instruction. Candidates may be of any age or gender.

Application Process and Rules:

- The player or his parents may not submit an application for themselves. It must be from a third party. (coach, friend, teammate, teammate's parent etc.)

- Please send a 250 word or less paragraph to levelit@baseballism.com on why your candidate deserves two sponsored private lessons.

How it works:

- Baseballism will work with the winning candidate to find a suitable baseball academy for private lessons.

- Baseballism will schedule and pay for lessons.

- Winners will be announced at the first of every month.