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Flag Man Helmet Sticker Program 2017

Baseballism, a premium baseball lifestyle brand returns to its baseball camp roots with the Flag Man Helmet sticker program. Stickers will be given to coaches free of charge to reward their players for effort, humility, toughness, hustle, good citizenship and on field performance.

Who can apply?

Baseball and softball coaches of any age group are welcome to apply for the helmet sticker program. Coaches who are selected for the program will be notified by a Baseballism representative and mailed the stickers. Stickers are limited each year.

How to apply:

Please email giveback@baseballism.com with subject title 'Helmet Stickers' with answers to the following questions (accepting applications until 2/1/17):

What age group do you coach?

How many games do you play a season?

What team do you coach and where are you located?

Give a brief summary of your playing and coaching experience.

In a couple of sentences, why do you coach?

Briefly describe what you think defines the success of a coach besides wins and losses.